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We had to go to the animal emergency room last night. Saturday night Mabel got into some chocolate. Some Guerdelli chocolate squares. (spelled incorrectly, but I hope you get the point) About 5 wrappers were found. Sunday morning she was extremely wired and bounced off the walls. We kept her calm all day, and from her getting sick, I found at least 10 more wrappers. We all thought she was fine, alittle rambunxious but fine.

I let her out around 11:30 last night, she got sick and came in to take a nap. It was time for bed and Jon noticed that the white of her eye was swollen. It was gross and I will not go into detail.

We brought her in to the emergency room, which took forever, Mabel's eye is now better, and she was sent home with basically antacids and anti vomit medicine. She is on close watch today.

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On Thursday, May 25th, Keith said

That dog needs to learn to take the wrappers off! Chocolate taste better without the wrapper!