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Our backyard is awesome. We now have 99% lush grass coverage. The flowers are growing and blooming. The fish in th pond are active and hungry. The veggie garden that I planted last week is already producing blooms AND some peppers!

Unfortunately while we were gone this weekend fire ants moved into the backyard. I have killed their nasty homes with my potion, but I still got attacked. It's been 3 days and my feet are starting to fit into shoes again. They were swollen like an old ladies.

Jon rescued a baby blue jay. It jumped into the pond to get away from Mabel. Jon fetched the bird, named Rudy, out of the pond with a dog toy. Rudy can't be found right now, which is a good sign. He was stuck in the backyard for two days. He wasn't alone though. His mom and two other family members were protecting him from Jon and a pesky cat. Both got dive bombed. Jon is much smarter than the cat and quickly came inside. The cat on the other hand almost got his eye poked out.

All these adventures of our backyard is just the start of what is to come this season. I'm awaiting our frogs to come over and sing to us and make tadpoles. Humming birds should be coming soon too. Hopefully the owls, opossums and turtles which have all hung out in our backyard will come back again.