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Well, the new 17" MacBook Pro has been announced. It's not here yet, which is fine by me, because the Apps I need to use won't run on it yet anyway, and I can't afford it, or justify it, but it's here none-the-less.

Anyway. When CS3 comes out, (they're saying Jan/Feb '07) I will buy it, and one of these 17" MacBook Pros and I will be able to design (well produce anyway, because design happens in your brain, bitches) anywhere I want. That way I can keep on the ball when I become a professional paintballer and have to travel 5 weeks out of the year, and the two/three weeks I travel for holidays, and when the internet goes out at the house, or I get bored, or it's a really nice day out, I can go anywhere I can find a WiFi connection and do my thing.

Badass. Oh yeah, and the 17" model is only $300 more than the top of the line 15" model, but it has way faster processors and more USB ports, and Firewire 800 and a 8x DVD burner. Totally worth the money.

And, it only weighs 6.8 pounds. I mean, really. All that goodness in a 1-inch thin/6.8 lb package. Damn.