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BMag_vol08_Cover (107k image) You're looking at the most recent cover of Bollywood Magazine (AKA: BMag), which I produced. I wouldn't say I designed it, although I did lay it out, because the designer who was handling the mag before me certainly did most of the design work. I didn't pick the colors or the typefaces or the column widths, or anything else. But, I did run the 28-hour marathon that was laying this thing out, with all the ads, and all the content, and all the photos. Damn. I wrapped this thing up Monday morning and I'm still tired.

I also wrapped up (with the exception of one tiny little loose string) the ACEP risky drinking site. You can check it out here: Don't check it out in Firefox though, because part of the final little string to wrap up is that FIREFOX HAS A BUG. That's right, it has a bug in the way it renders nav widgets (especially scroll bars) so I have to figure out a way around it.

Long Live Safari. Go Apple.