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So what are the signs of spring on a college campus?

People getting out of classes and heading immediately to the lawn so that they can tan the day away, and by people I mean non-designers. This action of course causes them to get loathing stairs as designers run from the studio to class back to the studio because in our world that means that the mid review is over and the final is lingering over our head.

I have also come to find that spring apparently gives people permission to where clothes they shouldn't and drink more often and in public places, like on their walk to/from school. As there is a growing number of beer cans and bottles along my route to school.

While I am glad that it is getting warmer this has already been an odd spring season as it snowed on Wed, not that it lasted very long once it stopped but the pavement was steaming, which is worth puting down your drawings to look at.

Anywho, I have to get to work. Mom and Dad I will you see you at 5pm and Jon and Joc I will see you in a few weeks. Greg--- I'll be home for Easter if you are coming by I will see you then.