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...because I think they are a waste.

I really do. People hate them. They thow them out. If you hand someone a standard tri-fold they glance at it, most times don't even open it, and throw it away at the earliest opportunity.

It sincerely makes me wonder if anyone has conducted a study into the effectiveness of brochures as opposed to other forms of printed material.

I mean, they just suck so bad. ;-)

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On Tuesday, April 4th, DOD said

cool eh?Yes - BGE did research into them and decided to discontinue "brochures" but continue with Bill Inserts and post cards as well as personal letters to communicate/advertise. If someone does an inquiry, then a brochure will be mailes; however, individual sections now do brochures to advertise their lines of business and projects "in house" - now isn't that ironic? Check out the State Farm site - IT IS POOOOOOOOR.