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Beans-the musical fruit that makes you toot. To me they've always been gross. I once avoided them like the plague. I'd pick through soup with beans, I'd be mildly dissapointed at restaraunts if my main meal was touching a pile of refrieds. I thought of beans as something that could be used as morter.

I acknowledged them as something that was good for me, and if I ever started to not eat as much meat (this idea of eating less meat was more realistic when I was single) I would have to find a way to consume beans. For this reason I did try them once a year.

Thank goodness for hummus. I love hummus. I described to Jon in much detail why I could eat hummus but not other bean dips. He then made a bean dip that would suit my tasta pallet and I LOVED it.

Just two weeks ago, sitting at an El Savadorian restaraunt, I perceived the bowl of bean dip as not gross, as something that was not a paste that could make a hut. I saw it in its true glory. For the good source of protein and fiber. For it's infused flavors that I enjoy, and for a great accompaniment to chips and salsa.

The last two nights we have embraced beans in our dinner. We had veggie soft taco things and last night a grilled chicken salad with bean dip--hmm hmm hmm. so good.

I look fondly into the future as my relationships with the legume family deepens. I hope to be over to overcome by objections to eating beans whole, not blended with spices, chilis and cheese. I also hope to expand my bean familiarity to something other mushed up black beans, pinto beans and garbanzo beans.