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Guess who said mass on Sunday at St. Joe's.........Father Terri.....he is going to be here on weekends for the rest of the spring

We went to Andrea's play on Saturday night and stopped by to see Greg briefly.
He is studying hard for a microsoft certification. The place looked great. I love the red couches. They are a red on the blue side rather than a red on the orange side.

The play was Bye Bye Birdie. Andrea was one of the featured dancers. Not bad for a freshman in a sea of about 40 dancers. She had some cute parts and seemed to be enjoying herself. Do you remember when Nicole was in this play one summer? One of the big differences was the mixture of adults and kids playing the parts. In the Catonsville version it was sometimes hard to tell who was playing an adult character. They didn't do much aging make-up and depended on the clothing to identify them.
It was in the 80's here today.....but the temperature is supposed to plunge back to normal tomorrow. sad