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Well, it's official. The long counter-culter, virus-free, Mac OS X has gone main stream enough that it has attracted attention from the social retards among us. That's right. The first (and now second) OS X virus is in the wild. Does this mean that I will be installing that copy of Norton Anti-Virus I have sitting around?


Here's the thing: The first Mac virus exploits a security hole that was patched seven months ago. I mean, holy hell. You call that a threat? My Mac checks for security updates every day. Come on. Can we all say "Sophos is trying to create a market for Mac anti-virus software?"

The second one requires that you enter your admin password to install it...which means it won't work without you saying "Okay." The OS cannot exactly be blamed for your retardedness.

So that's it. OS X still rules. Bite me, Buzz Burbank.