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Holy Schniekies it's cold down here. Let me remind you, two days ago it was 83 and sunner. Now we're expecting a 'wintery mix'. I went on an appointment this morning and there was very very light drizzle. I actually had to put my defrost on because it started freezing on my windshield. On my way up to the appointment I saw 3 accidents on overpasses. One involved at least 8 cars. On my way back I slipped alittle on some ice (my car is great and took it like a champ) but I passes yet 3 more pile ups. Fortunately I was behind a sand truck...not a salt truck...sand. This was at noon thirty. Conditions were bad at 9am. Why we're they just getting to sanding the roads? Ill prepared. I'm taking the day to organize my office. How exciting!

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On Monday, February 20th, Bernie said

It is reallycold here to, but it is dry so far. I pulled my new long winter coat back out of the closet. Don & I were supposed to in Cancun this week but the trip got canceled. It would have been a perfect week weather-wise.