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Enough with the paintball already. (just kidding, but we would like to hear about other things)

Let's talk about important stuff like snow and valentine's. We had a fabulous snowfall Saturday night. It started in the evening and ended Sunday morning. We got more than 12 inches. Columbia was claiming 20 inches. Mom & Mike got around 8. It was great because of the timing. It didn't mess up anything except a lot of church services. I hope people remember to give double next week. Wonderful Carroll County had us plowed to bare pavement by 10:30am. Now that is service. It is warm again so everything is melting fast, but we can enjoy the beauty for a few more days because of the bounty. Why the ecstacy over snow? We hadn't had a serious snow since early December. A winter without snow is just dreary.

Valentine's Day: Don and I had a very nice valentine's dinner at a Chinese restaurant mainly because we were both running late and didn't want to cook. We exchanged cards - he likes serious ones and picked out a really special one for me this year. And, of course, we got just a little bit of chocolate. For us, gifts are optional; it's the little notes that count.

Your turn Nicole.....did you really wear the pj's to class?

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