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feeling: Good.

I have been feeling crappy this week.

That's really it.

I've got my paintball gun almost shooting the way I want it, but I need to go to a field (or somewhere else with a chronograph) to really finish. It's shooting really fast. At least, I can shoot it as fast as it will go now. It's limited by software right now. Which, really, is fine by me. 17 Balls per second is plenty fast for the type of ball I play.

Keith is getting a new 'gun for his birthday, of which I am totally jealous, because he bought one off of eBay and he totally under paid for it. He's getting a $1200 gun for $475. It's nuts. That being said, I pray that he did not just buy someone's problem child. That could be bad.
The thing that's so cool about Keith's new 'gun is that it's an AutoCocker, which is the type of 'gun I had before I sold all my stuff. It was really accurate. Keith has been using my friend Clark's 'Cocker, and he just loves the way it shoots. That's why he got the gun he did. Truthfully, I like the way they shoot too. If I had the money to buy a different 'gun, I would totally get one like Keith's. See, they do this nice trick called "shooting ball on ball." They are capable of shooting 10 shots in a row that are absolutlely identical. Like, they take the same flight path and everything. They're carbon copies. If you are watching from behind the gun they look like they blink. It's nuts.

Ions don't shoot that way. They jump around a little in your hand, and the balls take slightly different paths to their destination...but they all get to the same spot with fair regularity. All in all, I am impressed with my gun, how it works (its design), and how it works (it's performance). Today while I was practicing in the back yard I was shooting ropes, and I sent about 10 balls at my target. The first missed, but the next 8 hit right on target and the 10th wandered off somewhere. Not too too bad.