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feeling: Good

Yo what up? I just got on the web at my new place so I thought I post a thingy type thing. I'm good. I watched my cat Gus pee on the wall the other day. How do you reprimand a cat? I don't know. Jessie says hi. Balls. Peace out yalls. I'll get some pictures on the web at some point so those far can see my new apt. Be well. Love all, serve all. hehe

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On Friday, January 20th, JOcelyn said

I read Jon you're entry while we're sitting on the couch...he says you reprimand a cat by spraying them with a water bottle...not a super soaker.
Have fun in the new apartment! Is Gus a kitten or grown up cat?

On Saturday, January 21st, Bernie said

It also doesn't hurt to pick them up and put them in the litter box....I seem to remember doing that with Ted (even though he wasn't a cat.)