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Dad and I went to see Producers on New Year's Eve. It was very funny. Jon, did you get a book from us for Chirstmas? I think it never came (I can't find the receipt so that's why I am asking.)
Nicole and Greg have both moved about an empty nest!.

The family is all coming over on Saturday for the January birthdays and to see the girls before they all leave for Spring. This is the first year Nicole will be around this weekend. Usually we are moving her back into the dorm. I think last year people were handing her birthday cards at Easter.

It has been a busy January with lots of be to work early days....I am ready for a day off on Monday. Maybe I'll wax the dining room floor.....but then again, maybe I'll read all day! The weather here is wonderful....possibly 60 degrees tomorrow. Being Maryland, that can't last but we'll enjoy it in the mean time.

Jon, I liked your closeups. Very clear detail. Will call soon.

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On Thursday, January 12th, Jocelyn said

Greg moved out? Where to?
We've been so busy, too. I started repainting the bathroom over New Years is yet to be complete. A second coat is needed, plus Jon's height is needed for an area that I can't reach, and I need to texture by the light fixture so we can install a new fixture. Right now, we have no light in there. I hope to get to that soon. I have been working long and's going to be a good year!
Tell the family we said hi!