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New Years Eve. The night poses problems for me. I don't want to stray far from home because of the drunk drivers. Last year we stayed in, Keith came over and we played a drinking game to Gilmore Girls. This year we actually went the bowling alley! Jon made a nice dinner, we drank some wine and then went to the bowling alley party, complete with paper hats and noise makers. What others may consider a fun New Years, we had none of, and still had a good time. We drank soda the whole night, bowled until our arms were ready to fall off, and toasted in the new year with some cheap bowling alley champagne. We bypassed the 'bowling alley breakfast buffet' and ate ice cream at home. Somehow, with all the caffiene I had that night I still woke up feeling like I had a hang over and I smelled like the bowling alley, which smells like a bar.

Last night I painted the bathroom. One more coat and some help from Jon and the bathroom will be in 'spa' quality by tomorrow morning!