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feeling: Sleepy. And I think I have to poop.

So, for the last few days I've had ALL the dogs at my house. That's two large golden retrievers and a smaller (although distinctly medium sized) Mabel.

First of all, that's way too much dog for our house. We have 1400 square feet. That's 220 lbs of dog in 1400 square feet. I think that's too much. I think there should be a 10 sqft of house / 1 lbs of dog ratio.

Secondly, these dogs are nutty. They look to me for everything, which is odd. They come to me for food and water, no big deal, that makes sense...but with two other dogs in the house, Mabel comes to me for play. Lucy comes to me because she is a little wierd, and Bobby came to me for play twice during this visit as well.

It's actually a little funny to watch Bob get upset with Mabel for jumping in on his play time. It's very strange. He'd totally rather play with Me than Mabel.

So, I am senior camp counsellor. At Camp Puppy Dog.