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We will be shopping for the holiday's soon. Jon, Jocelyn and Nicole - what food would you like to have around the house? What would you prefer to not have tempting you?

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On Saturday, December 17th, Jon said

Uh, we like turkey. Good oven roasted turkey, and not the stuff that comes prepackaged. That junk tastes like plastic. We usually get the Sara Lee stuff from the deli. Half the time it's cheaper by the pound than the packaged stuff anyway.

Other than that, we like condensed soups that are less than 100 calories per serving and whole wheat bread (the baker's inn 100% whole wheat is good) and Wal-Mart brand sugar free Kool-Aide.

We both eat a lot of Salad. Jocie likes Spring Mix (aka European Mix) and I like this stuff called Ultra Veggie Blend that has carrots and pea pods and cabbage and stuff in it.

We don't keep chips, crackers, pretzels or anything like that in the house, for fear that we'd eat them. Or candy.

We eat a lot of chicken too. And whole wheat pasta, and brown and wild rice, and other stuff that is good for you.

Don't go too far out of your way though. We are adaptive. We can always go grocery shopping once we get there.