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In an effort to get that guys face of the blog because his teeth frighten me, I'm going to post on the blog.

Saturday night we had a wine tasting gathering at the house. It went really well and we all walked away alittle tipsy and with at least 2 new wines that we never tried that we'd buy again. On a home decor note, I think I get better and better about getting things ready for people coming over. The house was cozy and inviting. The food was tasty but easy. I think I did a good job. We really like having people come over.

Last night Jon gave me a Christmas present early! I got a iPod Shuffle. Just my size, its little, fun to use and great for the gym. I had a great workout last night. I stayed on the eliptical for 35 minutes and trucked it the whole time. It was exellently coreographed too. Just as my 30 minutes were up Welcome to the Jungle came on and the song empowered me to stay on there longer and harder...then my favorite christmas song, Jingle Bells by Barbara Streisand came on and heck...I just kept goin! Then I did some arms and stomach...then listened to a great song while I stretched. Just as the song was done, I was finished my stretches and Jon was heading to the front of the gym because he was done his workout too. It was great. I love my new gift.