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feeling: Good.

So, I got myself a christmas present last friday. Actually, I didn't. Best Buy did. You see, when I bought my iPod 14 months ago I bought a replacement plan as well, which is good until next October.

Well, the other day my iPod started freaking out on me (click wheel and other controls stopped responding, etc), so I excersized my replacement option, and they replaced it with a brand new 30 GB iPod w/Video play back.

So, I immediately started messing with the video thing, loading episodes of Sportsnight from the various DVDs I have, and downloading video from the web (like behind the scenes stuff from Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks). It's really cool. Yesterday I went to the gym and, it being a Sunday, the meatheads were watching football. I watched TV on my iPod instead. I just set it in the drink holder and let it amuse me while I kicked my own ass on the eliptical.

Actually, for the real hardcore ass-kicking I switched it over to the music and rocked out to Guns N' Roses, Fat Boy Slim, and Steppenwolf.