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So today is my film final and I also get back my paper and it is nice to know that I worked hard on that paper but even if I only got a 60% on it I can still get a 45% on this exam and walk away with a C from this course. And while I do take pride in my work, which is why I have been studying since Thursday for this exam (the offical last day of classes) I must state that I am not too worried about it. It also nice to know that I only needed a 44% on my Modes of Drama final, and I'm certain that I did better than that. It just nice to know that finals aren't that scary, well atleast when all you need is a C to get the class to transfer back. Anyway, I will see you all soon.

By the I'm sorry the phone card cut out on you but atleast I used it all up. And I will be wearing my new brown suit home, I should look spiffy. big grin

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On Monday, December 12th, Nicole said

PS---I got a 89% on my film paper so I'm definately golden.

On Monday, December 12th, Jocelyn said


Keith is off taking all of his exams today exept for his computer class, which is wednesday. Is it sick that I kinda miss the exam time?

On Monday, December 12th, Bernie said

You will look spiffy, but will you be comfortable? The flight home seems way longer, because it is day time and you finish all the movies...especially if you have seen most of really can't sleep because you aren't tired.

On Tuesday, December 13th, Nicole said

The flight is way longer, and mom what movies were they showing? But I'll be fine I think that odd things are comfortable remember? wink