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My turn to have a stay at home day......I cleaned......I hate cleaning on the weekends, but a day off is like incentive to get to projects that you've been ignoring. The ceilings have been dusted, the lights are in the windows and I wrapped my first two gifts.

Jocelyn, Nicole gets here on Saturday night....we're looking forward to having you whenever you get here. She can probably come pick you up.

Jon, it is time to put together the schedule.......
Friends over?
Aunt Anne and Uncle Bill are having people over for a sing along on Tuesday night. We told them that we didn't know what the plan was for that day/evening.

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On Friday, December 9th, Nicole said

I can pick up my sister!!!

On Friday, December 9th, Jocelyn said

I haven't worked out the specifics but here is what I know so far. We fly in Thursday night. We'll be staying at the Ramada in Pikesville. Tuesday and Wednesday I'm going to be a help my aunt pick up the pace on preparing for Christmas. I plan on asking her to take me to the airport at the same time Jon's flight comes in.