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I was sent home today early due to the winter storm advisory wich is issued until tomorrow morning. Once Keith's classes were cancelled and the RE/MAX office closed (because the front steps had iced over) Mom gave me the heeve hoe. (Jon, if mispelled feel free to fix it) Mom, the boss, sent me home with cookies to make for her. That's my job for the day. It's terrific. I'm listening to Christmas music and baking a gazillion cookies while it is very cold and icy out. We may get snow later this afternoon! There's ice cicles hanging off the patio table and my containers of plants are safetly tucked away in the green house. I had a momentary lapse of future plans and told Jon I want to stay at home and bake and cook for him full time. 5 minutes later and 10 more cookies shaped into 1 inch balls I reconsidered. This day is special because it doesn't happen often and I like it that way.

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On Thursday, December 8th, Nicole said

Joc, you give me hope that no matter how angry I am right now, things can only get better because life will never be the same tomorrow. satisfied