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so as of today I have exactly 10 days left here in Rome. And while I do have a good amount of work left to do within those 10 days I am pretty much finished with my personal to do list. yesterday the girls and I went for our shopping trip down Corso and I got some cool tights, I know it sounds weird but they are unique. Then we met some of the guys for American food at the Hard Rock in Rome. I think that those were the best nachos and cheeseburger that I ever had, don't worry mom I split them both with Kevin, as well as some dessert. Now all I have left to do is see the inside of the Coloseum, which might sound silly, but we were at the workshop the week that our class went so ... I sitll need to do that. But once the coloseum is done then I can come home. So I get in on the 17th and Jon gets there on the 20/21 and then it is Christmas and I hope you all like your gifts, as they are not returnable.