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This post will remain at the top of the blog until christmas, so I will keep it short. It's a list of links to people's wishlists. I strongly suggest that you all set up a wishlist on To add your link to this list, e-mail it to me. You can send it to me straight from Amazon.

If you don't want to use Amazon, or they don't carry the thing you want, make a blog entry for it (include links where you can) and I'll add a link to it into this entry.

Lists begin below the jump: Jon:
Default List This is the main list.
Design Books
Froogle Wishlist (new feature!)

Default List

Amazon List

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On Sunday, December 4th, Bernie said

The constant changing of the lists is driving me more crazy......

my list

some type of kitchen floor cleanrer like flip-it.

new iced tea maker, prefer with 2 pitchers

new under the counter radio with CD player...our current one has a defective on switch an old lady I find myself wearing these more often

Do not want any more mystery anthologies....I like sequences like Jon & Jocelyn got me last year. A weightwatchers fcookbook might also be nice...

On Sunday, December 4th, Jon said

EDIT: My Mom can't take a joke

Dude. My Mom called and asked me to take down this comment.
I, however, am not, because she is not the boss of me.

However, I will add this statement: I was kidding.
Mom, I was busting your chops. Sorry you don't get jokes. Generally, when there is a winky emoticon at the end it means, "I was kidding."

This ends the "My Mom can't take a joke" portion of the comment.

Dude. First of all, what's a fCookBook?

Secondly, we're not kids anymore, so I know I don't maintain a christmas list like I used to, because if I wanted something, I'd go get it.

I personally thought I was doing a good thing by adding stuff to the wish list, because before I started editing it, it was full of stuff I couldn't afford or justify the expense of, like the 12" Powerbook, video iPod, the Adobe Creative Suite (which I already got myself, thanks).

Besides, I thought you'd be into me deciding to take back up a sport that requires running and plyometric conditioning.