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So I would just like to state that I am in agreement with a couple of the most recent blogs, and instead of just attaching my two sense to there thoughts I figured I would just let you all know. I think that a wine blog would be interesting, although I currently cannot afford to drink many different fine wines I have grown to appreciate that there are many different types of wine and sometimes the more expensive ones don't actually taste better, unless you like a dry red wine.

On to my second note, I would have to agree with Jon that losing weight for the sack of losing weight sucks. It is so much easier to lose wieght when you have a goal. Recently I have been off my diet to allow myself to enjoy the many splendors of Italian food but as of yesterday I started recording my meals again and when I get home I plan on sticking to a strict diet, but just by writing it all down I am already eating better. Anyway, I like to pretend that I have goals some times just to get myself motivated, it may sound silly but whatever works. So good luck Jon.