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Jon and I are getting into wine. It's fun to explore the isles full of wine, read descriptions, pass judgments on the labels and make our decision. We are going to create (Jon is going to create) a Wine Blog. Until that happens, I feel I should share with you are recent experience with a Georges Dubeuf Beaujolais Nouveau. Jon had seen something on TV that made him want to try it and Kathe came down praising its sweetness. So, we buy a bottle. Jon and I try it out Sunday night. (Perfect for watching Desperate Housewives and stringing popcorn/cranberry garland)

Our Review:
First 5 minutes: too fizzy and light.
1/2 in to drinking: mellowed out nicely....but still too light for my taste.
6am the next morning: Why am I including this time period? Because we both were affected by this wine in negative ways. I was already awake and paranoid that my car was stolen, that people stole all of Jon's computer stuff, that I was going to wake up late for a morning appointment, just overall stressed. While I'm laying there awake and debating with myself if I should go check on my car, Jon starts moaning in his sleep, LOUDLY. Moaning isn't the right term. It was more like upset babbling. It turns out he was having a nightmare about some guy shooting paint balls at him in bed and then Jon got his paint ball gun and starting shooting at him and yelling at him, hence the babbling in his sleep.

Overall review: We'll pass on this wine again due to our stressed delirium.