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so i forgot to send my wish list home with mom and dad. So here it is, I have set-up an amazon account and that is stuff that I want and really really want. So the most important aspects are... Singing in the Rain (dvd), S,M,L,XL (book), I-pod nano (and no i don't want a shuffle, if I did I would have bought it for myself by now, I can't do the file exchange with the shuffle because I can't control which piece of memory the stick chooses to put out) they are cheaper through apple and the 4gb is only $30 more than the 2gb so ..., i would like some gifts slips to get stuff for the apartment, such as 50 dollars towards a tv (from bjs), 50 dollars towards a dresser from ikea (most likely or target), and 50 dollars towards some chairs (tables are under control). That's it, that's all that I want. All of the other stuff is cool and it would be nice to have some day but these are the most important items for this year, and I would like to thank mom and dad who already bought me one gift, my italian suite. (sorry if I ruined the surprise for anyone). I'll try to post my list later but right now I've got work to do. plain

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On Tuesday, November 29th, Bernie said

suit.....suite (pronounced sweet, is a set of rooms)

On Thursday, December 1st, Nicole said

Attempting to break the language barrier and understand what the italians and saying-spelling out for me is hard enough. We can pick on Nicole's enlish when I am back in America.