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The trip was fabulous. I wanted an adventure and I definitely had one. It was great to have Nicole and Kevin guide us a round on Thrusday and Friday. I am sure we saw a lot more because we weren't constantly consulting a map on how to get to the next spot. In hind sight, I wish we had spent one more night in Naples and taken the train on Tuesday morning.
Planning the trip in itself was a huge education. In some ways it was very beneficial to know where neighborhoods were because I had done the research on good places to stay and places to avoid. We really felt like we got a neighborhood feel rather than just a hotel and top tourist stops type of trip. That being said, the next time we go to a country where few speak English I might spend at least some of the time with a tour group. It would be more relaxing to let someone else worry about what bus to take. HCC offers several travel abroud trips now. We might try one of those in the future. We also are considering the scenic trip down California and the Alaskan cruise. As dad and I plow through our 50's, we figure it's now or never.

Nicole did not give me a Xmas, I didn't lose it.

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