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Okay, so, it's a little confusing to get your hands on the actual link from I have put together a little How-To on how, uh, to do that.

It's below the fold, because the graphics are that things are legible. Okay. So! Let's get this thing started. There will be screenshots above the instructions for said screenshot. If you click on the screenshot, it'll open up a new window with the full-sized shot so that you can read everything. It's really pretty simple, really. Hopefully, you'll get it right away.

Start at the Beginning: Go to

screenshot (223k image)
On the top of the page it says "Wish List." It'll ask you for your e-mail address and password. Hopefully you'll remember that stuff from the last time you bought something at amazon. If you've never bought anything from amazon, you'll need to start an account and create a wishlist.

Step 2: Get the link

A_screenshot1 (199k image)
Click on the "Tell People About this List" link.

A_screenshot2 (141k image)
On the next page, put your own e-mail in the box. Then, scroll down and click the "Send E-Mail" button. It'll send you an e-mail with the link in it.

Step 3: Check your E-Mail

A_screenshot4 (158k image)
Go to your e-mail program, copy the link that amazon sends you. Then, come back to the blog, start and entry (or edit one that you already made), and paste the link into the text. Badda-bing, you're done!