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So it is officially the home stretch. Mom and Dad got here fine, I am making them dinner tonight, a long with my roommates, Kevin, and Jenny (who asked me to pay her back in food instead of money). It should be fun, I know that I am making chicken, potatoes, pasta, and either soup or salad, but I haven't entirely decided how to make any of them specifically. Anyway, I have also been getting back my midterm grades, and between my 100 on the first quiz and my 96 on the midterm I am no longer feeling the need to freak out about film class. Then I have gotten a check on my paper, and a A (90-95) on my midterm essay and an 87 on my midterm multiple choice (of which there is only an essay for the final so I'm not worried their either). And as for my Thursday class, I go to class and I got a 10/10 on paper phase one and 24/30 on the midterm so also not to worried. Today I get back my last midterm and it is the only class grade that goes back so I am a little worried because no one did esseptionally well, atleast from what I've heard, plus the A students are getting C's and the C students are getting B's so .... They value work over here differently. But it is also a theory class so it is natural, since most people have never had one, for them to have difficulty with it. Now if I got a C I am going to be pissed, even though I got a B on the last test I am trying to do better, not worse.

Anyway, I will be home in about a month. And then Jon and Joc will be visiting MD before you know it and then Kevin and I will be moving into our new apartment and back to work, which is kind of scary because I just registered for classes yesterday and it wasn't pretty. crazy

But on a high note all is well in the world of Kevin and Nicole. We are just the way the pictures show us, happy and healthy in where ever the wind takes us. hehe