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I had a nice night tonight, and, in an effort not to always ramble on about depressing, heavy, intellectual crap, I am going to talk about that instead.

It started with dinner. Dinner was good. It was one of those things where Jocelyn and I decided to make a big expiramental dinner by suggesting pieces. She wanted pasta, artichokes, and red pepper flakes (WTF?). I added that I wanted to use a creamy tomato sauce (it's alfredo sauce and spaghetti sauce mixed together. I should call it Alfretti Sauce, or Spagredo.) We didn't have any parm, and I decided that we needed to add meatballs to the mix, so we went to the grocery store.

I'll never really understand it, but grocery shopping with my bride is fun. We've always gone grocery shopping together as a pass-time. I know. It's odd.

We also picked up an apple crisp boxed mix and some low fat ice cream, and we picked up some fresh tortellini too.

It all came together nicely. Creamy, spicy, cheesy, meatball-y. It was awesome. Very satsfying. Then we watched TV and ate apple crisp in our pajamas.

I wore my 'Hef' PJs that my mom made me a few years ago. That's right. My Mom made me Pimp-Js.

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On Monday, November 14th, Jocelyn said

I'd like to paint the picture just alittle more so you can get the full effect. I go into the bathroom to see if Jon was ready for dessert. Light jazz was playing in the back ground, Jon fresh out of the shower had his hair brushed nicely to the side, and was looking into the mirror has he buttoned up his black satiny pajamas. Sure, they're 1/2 pimp jammies, but remember a mother made these pjs. The top button on the shirt was as high as the collar.There was no room for chest to peak out or even to put a pimp scarf with this ensemble. It was all quite precious.

On Tuesday, November 15th, Nicole said

I miss you guys.