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So there are a few things about people that I don't understand, and no this is not a cultural thing. When you tell a person something, like my parents are going to be here all next week, the go oh okay and then they realize that you probably won't be available for whatever expidition that they want to plan for that week. So if they want you to come they should plan it for a different week. But no, that is not true. So I am just wondering, do people in general only think about themselves all the time, half of the time, or sometime? Because lately it seems that it is all the time. And while I might just be thinking about myself in this scenario it doesn't end here but we don't have the web space for that entry.

If anyone that reads this encouters me today, back off. Because I am not happy. plain angry, grr (plain angry---which is bad on the Nicole scale).

All that I'm asking is that next week people stop asking me to go everywhere we haven't been because we might miss it if we don't go this week, by the by we have 5 more weeks after this one, and we just got back from other countries no duh we haven't covered Rome. We wouldn't have covered Rome if we just stayed here. Ahhhh.

Now off to the workshop for international misunderstandings, yeah.

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On Thursday, November 10th, Bernie said

Nicole, we are very willing to tag along on whatever stuff comes up. We are there to see you AND ITALY. So if your friends don't mind, we would be happy to tag along. After Monday we are totally flexible.

On Thursday, November 10th, Nicole said

Hey Mom don't forget my gloves!!