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So last night I reset the time on my clock and set my alarm and now I am up an hour earlier than I meant to be so either I can't tell time, as I woke up before my alarm, or I can't set a clock. But either way 7am is way to early when I don't have to leave until 9am for the international workshop.

Oh yeah this "great international workshop", should never have been moved from Venice! Because the exhibits include the students work from the years before in Venice and this thing sucks. But then again the students there were just detailing one thing, whereas we are creating little towns within Rome. Each group has a town program, and only a week to complete their town. Beside the fact that the kids "put in charge" have no interesting ideas. I mean, the guy put in charge of my group (which is me and two other people, including this guy) is only a second year and doesn't know how to draw an architectural diagram. This isn't even breaking into the Italian work ethic, which even the girl admitted that Italians are lazy, and even though the guy is from Belgium, he doesn't have the drive of an american. Because we are used to being up all night doing work, and the quality that is on the model we would have had done after the first day not after a week. But then again it a group project and they always take atleast twice as long.

I know it will be a good experience, and it is helping the Workshop association decide how to restructure to workshop in order to draw more people in and extend the workshop so that each group can afford to concentrate on smaller elements, like the early groups who all worked together on one building/town instead of my seciton that has been devided into 2 groups of 2 and 1 group of 3. Anyway, I'm trying to keep an open mind, especially because they are being very kind and speaking to me in English.

I'm sure everything will be fine. Today we are going to start really building, although it seems as though it might not all work out. But then again you never know. At least I have learned when to keep my mouth shut so that I won't create any large arguments.