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The pictures are great and so is the commentary. I almost feel like I'm there!

Jocelyn, you didn't tell us about the wedding!

This weekend the weather in Maryland was fabulous. 75 degrees, and the leaves are finally beautiful. There are actually a lot that still have green leaves.

We are hoping that it won't rain the entire time we are in Rome, but that's the chance you take when you go in November.

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On Monday, November 7th, jocelyn said

The wedding was wonderful. Second to seeing Liz get married,my favorite part was being with all the girls again. It was weird not to have Jon come. We're definately going to try not to have that happen again.

My friend Cat from school made a suprise visit this weekend. She was volunteering at the Red Cross in New Orleans and instead of going home she flew into Dallas! Its been great. We've cooked, talked, went to a wine tasting...enjoying this super nice weather. My aunt and uncle are in town too. Today we all went to the aquarium. They opened a huge new exhibit and it was fascinating. Nothing like visiting another country, but for a 25 minute drive it was well worth it. Cat leaves tomorrow sad She could stay with us forever and we'd like it. Time for bed.