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So I never thought that I would have missed Rome but I did. So I am to tired to tell you what went on this past week but I will tell you that I am not allowed to make arrangements for vacation because I apparently can't count the amount of days that are in October, which I now remember is 31. Anyway, we did Berlin in a day and that Bruxelles is a new and odd place that we got to see by accident. But all is well and I am home. I will be calling people tomorrow, when I can buy a phone card. But for now good night smile

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On Saturday, November 5th, Nicole said

Pictures are up, from naples and capri, trevi fountain, paris, london, brussels, and berlin. there are pictures that we haven't posted but these are the one's we thought you would enjoy the most.

On Saturday, November 5th, DOD said

Ah yes, another life experience! Well, I got a new job and I start right after Thanksgiving. Still with BGE, but in a new group, "where everybody knows my name." I'm really looking forward to the change. We got our travel $ last night and Mom is all fired up. Call if you can, otherwise --- see you next week.

Hey J&J --- what's cooking?

PS - I bought a copy of Mel Brooks' History of the World Part I last night ... I LOVE IT!

DOD - out