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Is it unethical to charge someone to do something that they could do themselves if they spent any amount of time investigating it? Is it unethical to charge someone a fee to use a free service on their behalf?

Or is it the essence of a good business?

I have always tried to provide a service that no one else could, because they are not me...but perhaps I should be doing the other.

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On Wednesday, November 2nd, Jocelyn said

It is not unethical to charge someone for something that they can do themselves. People pay to get their taxes done, people pay to have someone find them a house. Successful people know their strengths and weaknesses. They surround themselves with people that can support their business and that includes outsourcing projects so they can have more time to work on their core business.

As for charging someone for a free're still providing a level of service-get paid for it. It's something they don't want to do or don't have time or patience for.

People will pay and still be grateful to have stuff taken off their plate and still have their plate look full. Got that?

On Wednesday, November 2nd, Bernie said

Jocelyn is absolutely right. Most of our economy is built on services we provide for each other.
More on the list - changing oil, cleaning houses, food preparation and serving, lawn shouldn't get confused by the fact that you enjoy doing the service, that just makes life better.