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My wife is wonderful because she is non-judgemental, friendly, and personable...unlike myself. We compliment each other well in that respect.

It is because of this fact that the drunken crazy person (who has been living with/dating the next-door neighbor, Joe) thought that our house was a perfect refuge from the argument she was having with her boyfriend this afternoon.

I was trying to get ready to go meet my trainer when she started banging on the door, demanded that she be let into our house, and cried and wailed about how Joe didn't love her, never had time for her, and her family has turned against her.

Well, I tell you what. I don't even know her and I am against her. I can't imagine being one of her kids, or brothers or sisters, or friends. I would cut her drunk, crazy ass off a long time ago. I've never seen her when she was not drunk. And, I don't want her in my house again.

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On Sunday, October 30th, Bernie said

Actually you still have the counselor/nice guy demeanor....left-over from listening to all those chicks in high school and college. Just think you could have all girls and then you'll really need all those skills. As much as we love Nicole, I have always been glad that she is not a girly-girl and there is only one of her!