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feeling: Decent. Two-day Headache is kicking my ass.

I've had a headache for two days. It sucks. I never get headaches. F#ck.

On the upside...I got Adobe Creative Suite 2 last week, and I installed it this weekend. It kicks ASS!

I've already learned inDesign CS2 (for the most part). Although, I don't know how to do some of my favorite 2-color tricks yet. (Like coloring a bitmapped tiff with a spot color in the layout, like you know what the hell that even is.)

Anyway. inDesign is badass. It's like Quark without all the irritating crap that made me hate quark. You can even choose all the quark keystrokes if you want, making switching super-easy.

Better than all that is this new app Bridge, which is a little program that keeps track of all the work you're doing in all the adobe apps. It also has a little component called Version Cue that tracks all of the changes that you make to your files. You can now save VERSIONS of files named the same and it will let you go back and use them! Badass!

It's totally already changed the way I am working.
Between that and OS X.4's smart folders, spotlight, and dashboard, using my computer is a much different experience than it was a year ago.