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So, just to keep you all up to date, I picked up a new client today.

She's an alpaca farmer, and an occupational therapist, and I am doing a logo for her non-therapy business.
I am thinking of doing a parody of the Cotton: The fabric of our lives logo...but with Alpacas.

The business is called "Parker's Alpacas." I am thinking of turning the P into the Alpaca's head with its neck twisted around, and the A into the Andes mountains...which is where Alpacas come from. (That's in Peru, y'all.)

Also - I am working on a Logo (and cover) for the American College of Emergency Physicians, for their first annual State of Emergency Medicine Report Card. The idea that I have is to illustrate an X-Ray film of a "First Aid" cross which is shattered like a broken bone. I'll post it in a little while. I am in class right now.

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On Tuesday, October 25th, DOD said

So guess what ... I was given a new job yesterday effective immediately so I have to turn over all my stuff when I get abck from vacation and move on to my new position. It's a new project and I'll be working for an old friend. There will just be 3 of us involved in the project with me taking the program manger role and the other folks being part time. The job will last at least 2 years, but no more than 4, then it will be time for something new any way.

On Tuesday, October 25th, Jocelyn said

Are you excited? Is it a project that you're interested in?

On Thursday, October 27th, Keith said