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This weekend we had a halloween party to attend. It was at our neighbors, and the theme was "white trash/red neck". Surprise Surprise, we found our outfits in Walmart. I went as a cop, he went as the guy I arrest. He had a mullet, hunters ball cap, and wore the strip club tshirt he got at the bachelor party. I don't think he had worn in since. smile It was a great time although we didn't win the costume contest...we did put our best effort in winning and acted out an arrest. This upcoming weekend, I'll be in Philly for a wedding and Jon will be at home, alone. I'm getting back on Monday just in time for the trick or treators. I can't wait for that. smile

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On Tuesday, October 25th, Nicole said

Oh Halloween. I wonder what it is going to be like here? I mean I have seen costume shops for little kids and pumpkin candles and stuff but I'm not even going to be in Italy for Halloween. So really I wonder what it will be like in London?