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Nicole, Does Rome have daylight savings time coming up? Is it getting darker earlier.....more important what time does it get dark in the evening? We need to make a final decision about the trip from Naples to Rome. I would like to arrive when it is still light out.

Jon & Jocelyn, have you bought tickets yet? Don is hoping to get additional days off.

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On Thursday, October 20th, Nicole said

Yes we have daylight savings time. And I will figure out what time it is getting dark, but it is still rather late, around 7pm or so (I think). But it is raining today so it will be harder to tell. So give me a couple of days.

On Thursday, October 20th, Jocelyn said

Nope, no tickets yet. I wanted to call you guys to figure out the best days to come. Bernie, what does your work schedule look like? I'll give a call tonight.