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so I went to flickr to finish uploading the pictures of late and I have used up all my free space for this month, so that means that there will be no more new pictures until November. Sorry people. But I still love you.

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On Tuesday, October 18th, Jon said

I'll set up a tutorial on posting images to this site too. How big are your files on average? I have the limit set to 382K, because it would make the site really slow to load...but if you can resize your images to be 480x???px, they should be under that limit.

On Wednesday, October 19th, Nicole said

That's cool. I just don't want to fill up with nothing but pics, so I'll just select a few pics to put up, or I might set up an overflow site for flickr, so that I move old pics to the new site and add new pics to the existing site. Either way I'll let everybody know.