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So today was interesting. I got up and I read the blog, then added my own blog. Later I added pictures to my flickr site and checked the blog, which there was already a response to my entry and new entries. Then after I posted my new pics, thanks to Allison, and a few hours later there was an email from Joc about my pics. I just have to say that this instant connection is wonderful. It is almost as good as being with you guys.

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On Tuesday, October 18th, Bernie said

I skipped a day and wow!
Nice to herar from all of you.

On Wednesday, October 19th, Nicole said

Nice to see that my mom, Doctor Bernie, can't even spell hear. I guess that spelling, not remembering names, and height all came from mom's side of the family. razz

Just kidding, I love you mom. hehe

On Wednesday, October 19th, Bernie said

In this case it's the magic flying fingers and bad proofreading. Keep working on Too, to, two.