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so here you go mom, this is my new leather jacket. And that is Kevin's new Italy jacket. If you think this picture is funny wait till you see the other pictures of Kevin in that jacket. LOL

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On Tuesday, October 18th, Nicole said

Sorry the quality kind of sucks, I had to shrink the image to get it on.

On Tuesday, October 18th, Jon said

Pictures must be < 480px, and < 382 KB in size. This could have been WAY bigger!

You can also drop the code for the picture into the page from Flickr.

One day I'll put up an entry on how to do that.

On Tuesday, October 18th, Nicole said

The pic isn't on flickr yet. I stole it from Allison.

On Tuesday, October 18th, Bernie said

You both look great. Glad to see you are enjoying yourselves and not just looking at buildings and monuments.

On Wednesday, October 19th, Nicole said

What you don't like looking at buildings, and bridges, and water? You would rather see pictures with people? That's unheard of, I thought you sent me here to look at pictures and not Kevin.hehe

I'm getting mixed messages again mom. LOL