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feeling: Fine.

Okay, so, I am not a programmer. I don't pretend to be. I find most of the concepts we are getting into now utterly mind-numbing.

Hang on, something fun might be about to happen...nope. Nevermind.

Of course, it could be that programming is taught absolutely ass-backwards for people who have reasonable deductive logic skills. Anyway, I am bored.

Lately I have been contemplating my place in the universe. I've long felt that I was destined to be the creative director of a powerful, forward thinking, innovative creative firm. Perhaps I am not. Lately I have been more than content to simply do my work for my clients. The problem with that is that there are not enough hours in the day to to that and get rich, without charging an arm and a leg. To do that, one would need assistants. I will need an assistant to do HTML/PHP/CSS production, and an assitant to do inDesign production. I will need an assistant to get me coffee and talk with me about my ideas, and I will need an assistant to mow my lawn. Shit. I should probably have on to do image production/retouching too, so that I can be free to take photos, and take meetings, dream stuff up, and do all the fun stuff.
There are a few people who have done this in design's history. They faded away, for the most part, in the 80's, with the advent of the personal computer. Good assistants are less likely to stay put when they can afford the tools they now need to produce work on their own. Anyway. Here I am thinking of the various famous "& Associates" that formed the early history of Graphic Design as a profession. Saul Bass & Associates, Vignelli & Associates, Roger Black Consulting (a bit newer, but still relevant), etc.

I wish I didn't need money so badly right now too. I saw the evidence of me charging too little. A client of mine in CA is paying 2x as much for the printing of his business cards than for the design of the cards AND the logo. That's wrong. I also had a meeting with a guy who told me I was not charging enough for my time.

Okay, class is over.

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On Tuesday, October 18th, Nicole said

I wish I had a computer in my classroom so that I could blog when I get bored, then you guys would have enough material to write a good sized novel on my trip to Rome, the beautiful sites, the shitty classes.