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I've had it. It's been a string of mishaps for the last week and I'm tired of it. Last week I had a root canal. THe procedure went smoothly. It was the healing process that kicked my butt. I couldn't chew anything, I was exceeding the medication limits for Advil or drugged up on Hydrocodone. I felt dumb for having a tooth ache that made me so cranky and tired. So...Friday I was miserable and ended up sleeping from 5-7:15 and then back in bed by 10:00. Saturday morning I felt alot better. Thank goodness. This morning, another filling and the two temporary crowns were put in. Crowns that aretoo tall and I can't close my mouth all the way and yet again can not eat solid food. Here is the icing on the cake, one of the first nights I feel ok to do something at night, I go outside to mulch the flower beds and was attached by fire ants. Fire ants suck. One bite makes my foot swell for days. What I think was a slight itch from a dried leaf turns into a full blown attach. I have bites all over my right ankle, left foot and up the shins and a few bites on my lower back. I took a oatmeal bath and took some we all know what that means, another night, drugged up, drowsy with my feet raised up. Let's hope tomorrow night is better.

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On Tuesday, October 18th, Nicole said

Joc I am so sorry! I hope that today is better to! Make sure Jon fixes you whatever you want, icecream sundaes, yogurt smoothies, whatever your teeth can handle. sad