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Well I am sorry to disappoint people with my lack of journaling recently, and I'll tell you why I haven't. On Mondays I have class at 8:30 in Rome, so I have to leave by 7:30 and that's just to much in the morning to squeeze in blogging and then on Fridays, if I'm going away I am leaving at 6:30 in the morning and that is way to early so there is definately not time. Then I am away which nocks out Saturday and most of Sunday, especially since I have to come back and finish homework and get to bed. So that leaves Tuesday, Wed., and Thurs and it might get boring if I just blog those three days all week so that is why I have been reduced to when the mood, or good timing hits me.

Now, why do I have time right now? Because today is our midterm review, so I only have to be on campus for 10 minutes at 11:10, instead of downtown with the vendors. So that means that I can ketch everyone up on what I've been doing.

In case you aren't interested in everything these are the main topics:
my weekend in naples (and capri),
sketchbook class (the good, the bad, and the ugly),
food (from pizza differences to trying a canolli),
and jewlry damn do prices fluxuate.
and now to here about them all . . . Naples and Capri

So this past weekend we all went on the school scheduled trip to Naples and Capri. By all I mean all of Philadelphia University Architecture majors, that are in Rome currently. So Friday morning we get to campus by 7:20 and then the bus arrived around 7:45, the first of many late arrivals. Then we finally get going by about 8am on our way to our first stop, in Casterlo (?), where we looked at the last great palace/castel structure that was built in Europe. It was built by one of the discendants of Louis XIV, or which everyone is responsible for Versialles. Anyway, it has beautiful gardens, a very strict French garden (which was modified to be a strict Italian garden because heaven forbid that they copy the French), and then there was also a modified English garden, for his wife (who was English). The interior was also very lavish with multiple types of marble, grand rooms (one for summer and one for winter), and the many propagandistic paintings making the family out to be blessed by God, and so on and so forth. Then we continued on to Naples, where we dropped off our luggage and then there was a walking tour of Naples. I opted out of the walking tour as I was not feeling well, instead I laid down and kevin finished a drawing, its one of those being together but not all at the same time things. Oh but I already forgot the Travel Agency had to move us at a last minute to a different hotel, becuase the one we were supposed to stay at had recieved some damage and could not be fixed quickly enough but we kept our dinner reservations at the old hotel. Then we were supposed to have dinner at 8pm, but because we had moved everyone and not just the necessary people out of the old hotel the management was upset with us. So instead they said we had to be at dinner by 7pm, which we couldn't do because the walking tour, so then they said we had to be there at 8:30, when 8:30 rolls around they say we can't eat until 9:30, at 9:30 they told us we were late. The tour guides explained that this is a very Naples thing to do to people that you wish to screw over. So the next day we went to Capri, and marched up to the top of the one side of the mountain, through an imperial villa, which sounds much nicer than it is. Don't worry we took pictures of the steps as well as the view so you can get a true sense of the pain that I endured. I have I mentioned that I hate my knees? Moving on, then we split up and Kevin, Jason, Jenny and I decided to do our own thing up in main Capri. Mostly we ate and looked at clothing that we will never be able to afford, like Prada or Gucchi, etc with Italian designer names. Although let me tell you if I had $10,000 I would have baught that $3,000 coat. Then we went back to Naples and did some real shopping. I bought a pair of brown shoes, that are faux leather but they are so comfy and the only cost 15 euros, then we walked down further and I baught this nice pair of jeans and a crapy t-shirt, which together only cost 17 euros, and then I bought my black leather jacket, which cost 86 euros (even though I set aside more for the jacket I liked this one so I will enjoy spending less). There will be pics of me in said jacket so I will not go into a deep discription. Then we went to dinner, no hassel the second night. On sunday we went to a monastary on top of Naples and then Kevin and I were sick of everyone so we went off and did our own thing. We ate at a little pizzeria and got pastries for the way home, which I still have some left for breakfast.


Mom wanted to know where we have been for sketchbook. Well we have been to the Arch of Constintine, the Pantheon, a church that I don't remember the name of, and this past week to the best view of Rome, which is from a garden over the bridge from Trestevere. My drawings are goin okay. I can scan them in at school and then post them on the web for you to see. Some guy offered to buy one of Kevin's drawings at the Pantheon, to bad we need them for our reviews.


So the food has been interesting because just because you ate something in one city doesn't mean that you know what it tastes like, becuase in another city it will be entirely different. Pizza in Rome ranges from the lunch version to the dinner version (heavy to light), in Venice they invented the round pizza, which is the best pizza I've had since we've been here, and then in Naples it was much sweater (the bread tastes like they fry it or like it is dough you would use to make a doughnut). Each location is also known for their different kinds of food, Tuscany is known for their wine and for making pasta without eggs, which is really good. Naples was known for its use of Rum, which I experience with one of pasteries that Kevin and I split. I also had my first canolli while on Capri and then my second one from Naples. Let me tell you that, well first the one on Carpi was cheaper and better, but that cannollis should be a major food group in their own because one of those filled me up, while everyone else was stuffing their faces with chips and crackers (after the rest stop).


Since I know you are all probably board I will keep this short. Jewlry in Venice is cheap, three quarters of a charot could be bought for about 800 euros, while in Capri that would barely buy you one quarter of a charot. Now I don't know about the quality of either but the ones in Venice were set nicer and were even clearer, from what I could see through the window.

Warning Note:
Don't worry, mom and dad, Kevin and I aren't going to do anything stupid. He already told me that there will be no international phonecalls home to tell any big news, besides he can't afford anything that he thinks is good enough, I told him that I piece of silver sting is good enough. But whatever... I guess it isn't all about what she wants after all. But I love him all the same.

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On Monday, October 17th, Jon said

Spelling Words for This Week:

Blog when you can, Nicole. Like I said, settle in over there. Don't worry about keeping us up to date if you don't have time.

On Monday, October 17th, Nicole said

sorry I can't spell. I'll be working on that along with cooking and the basic art of pasta making for the rest of the semester.