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feeling: Good. Tired, but good.

Bowling: I bowled for Nancy last night. I hurt my finger in the process. It's given me a hard time pretty much all day. It's my third finger...the ring ringer. I pulled something in it when I was trying to spin my ball too aggresively. It was in warm-up too, which sucks, because I had to bowl 3 games with a busted finger. It's really hard to bowl with just your thumb and second finger.

This did mark the inagural outing of the new bowling shoes though. They are nice. Thank you, Mom and dad. It was like bowling in bedroom slippers compared to the rentals. I bowled a 131, a 112, and a 97. The scores are evidence that my finger really started kicking my butt in the middle of the second game. Actually, it went down hill fast in the end of the first...but I held it together until frame 6 of game two.

Weight Loss: Yesterday I weighed in at 304.5. Progress. Slow, but steady progress. At this rate, I could lose 100 lbs in the next 50 weeks...but I am skeptical.

I think that's it for now. I am pretty sleepy.
Nicole hasn't posted in a few days. I hope it means that she's settling into the life in Italy, and spending less time thinking about us back here. It also seems to mark the return of my posts' ability to stay at the top of the page for more than 14 minutes.

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On Saturday, October 15th, Bernie said

Nicole has been traveling. They are on a school sponsored bus trip to Naples and Capri this weekend. Hopefully, that means more pictures next week.

On Sunday, October 16th, Nicole said

Yes there will be pictures, I just need to charge the batteries and have time, lots of papers are do this week and midterms are next week. But life in Rome is better now that I can compare it to Naples.

On Monday, October 17th, kathe said

I gained it all back. God, this is frustrating.