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In attempts not to get too mushy, our anniversary is this weekend. Not a we've been dating anniversary, or a monthly anniversary...our 1 year anniversary. Our first ever wedding anniversary. In recent years, I take a look back and am amazed at how much I can accomplish in a year or how much my life can change in a year. This year is no exception. Not only did we get married, we became home owners, I became a Realtor, Jon a self employed graphic designer with paying work! as well as the chef of the family. We've made our house our home, learned how to do home maintenance, and continue to grow and support each other through all of the changes and risks. Being married, working as a team and believing in each other is so rewarding. I'll save the rest of the mush for a sappy love note.

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On Saturday, October 15th, Bernie said

We sent you a small "one year" anniversary gift. They weren't sure if they would deliver it on Friday or Monday. I realized later that they didn't ask us if we wanted to include a here is to a successful first year and many more.