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So as far as non-bathroom related surprises goes.

1)We only have had trouble once with people trying to mug the group. To make a long story short. . . This guy was acting drunk and tried to knock Adam over to get the money from his front pocket, luckly it didn't work and the man went away.

2)While my roommates were walking around Florence at night they took a detour through a garden, that was well lite, and came along a man masterbating in public. They ran the other way and have since been horrified of encountering old men in public.

3)Street venders. I thought that street venders were bad in the states but no Rome tacks the cake. Now this story is more detailed but worth it. Last night kevin and I went to Trevi Fountain and we were having a romantic evening. We got some pictures taken, telling the street vender we didn't want him to take our picture for money, we found some cheap leather shoes, we saw a couple having their wedding photos done, and all the while we had to fight off venders. At one point kevin and I kissed and this guy walked over and starting pushing us with his roses until we looked at him and said no, non grazie. There are terrible. Luckly Venice has no street venders that approach you, they are much more laid back.

4)Teen clothes, this is mostly a note to mom, but when you get here you will hate what the girls wear. If you thought Americans wear their jeans low you ain't seen nothing yet. Jason said he saw one girl and you could see pubic hair her jeans were so low. And the wear underwear with them, mostly thungs that then stick out over the top, it is so gross.

5)Icecream all day! Enough said, I love this country.

6)Stores closed on Mondays, while I expected stores to be closed on Sunday, which most of them are, there are lots of store and shops that are closed on Mondays as well, other Tuesdays and the market below us closes early on Thursday. I don't know but I guess they all have different family nights, even though they almost all get together with their families on Sunday.

7)Did you know only 15% of the catholics in Italy go to church on Sunday, me neither, I've been in more churches since I've been here then some of these people over the past 5 years.

Well that's enough for now. I'll scare you all later with more tales of surprising adventures.